Love Now!

It began in mystery, and it will end in mystery,
but what a rare and beautiful country lies in between.
~Diane Ackerman

Mortality gives us our tenderness for the common moments, the whole of life.
And we are always led back to love, and our beautiful helplessness,
sustained as we are by what is larger than ourselves.
~John Tarrant

I have a friend who is, even now as I write this, experiencing the very worst kind of pain, facing the hardest thing life forces upon us.  His partner of 11 plus years is dying.  His Beth is slipping away.  And he’s being so brave.  Trying valiantly to give her what she needs, to be what she needs.   But he’s also afraid; afraid of all that’s coming next and of being alone.  He said he’s never been good at that, but then who is, really? I tried to reassure him, saying all the things people say in these excruciating circumstances….that he must endure, that he must love in every moment and simply let the rest be what it is.  That’s my advice for everything really, no matter what; to love now, and let the rest go, let it be.  But it’s never more profound than in moments like the one my friend is facing.


3 thoughts on “Love Now!

  1. Tears come easy when I read something like this Michelle. I learned that as much as I loved didn’t fix what I would have liked, but I still go loving & hoping! Thanks for your beautiful words.

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