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Magical Hadj

My father was only fifty-one years old the first time I heard him say, “It’s a sad old world and I believe I’ve lived long enough.”  I didn’t understand it at the time, but of course I do now.  I have for some time.  Foreign wars, child murder and molestation, babies disappearing from their cribs, school shootings, the ugly truth of poverty and pain in so many corners of the world – how can a feeling, thinking person not be worn down by these things?

As I sometimes do, I reached my limit today.  My basket of personal torments filled to the brim and overflowed.  The horrors that we read about in the news everyday, on this day in particular the massacre of innocent civilians by an overwrought and overused soldier of ours in Afghanistan, along with a particularly distressing personal animal rescue failure today had me in that dark…

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