25 Things About Me

1 Some of my happiest days were spent on the back of my husband’s motorcycle, the two of us riding up the coast or across country.

2 I love to sit with anything beautiful long enough until it shifts something inside me, and then when it’s time to go on to the next thing, I take that beauty with me.

3 I would rather eat a beautiful, ripe peach than anything else.

4 I can spend hours watching tennis – OK, I do spend hours watching tennis, lol.

5 The movies, Steel Magnolias and Terms of Endearment can absolutely make me sob – you know that really ugly cry that makes you sort of hiccup and hyperventilate.

6 I write poetry – really terrible stuff, but I can’t help myself.

7 I love the bare trees in winter – their souls are showing.

8 I believe it’s the small things that save you, like your favorite chocolate or a great song.

9 Robin Williams. He makes me laugh so hard I end up doing that ugly cry thing again.

10 I used to want to do grand things, now I just want to be kind. Kind, even when it’s difficult, when I’m grouchy and unfit for human company. Kind, even in the face of unkindness.

11 Alexander Skarsgard… that’s all I’m sayin’ 😉

12 Huge NBA basketball fan. Go, Pau Gasol!

13 I’ve always wanted to be more artistic – to be able to draw or paint.

14 I want to stretch beyond what limits me.

15 Sometimes I would like to be someone else.

16 My favorite color is green, in every shade imaginable.

17 I spent the first half of my life wanting and collecting things, now I feel this irresistible urge to let it all go, to simplify everything: to whittle it all down to just what’s essential.

18 I think the questions we ask are more important than the answers.

19 Christianity, Buddhism, Taoism, Sufism … I want to see what God looks like from as many angles as possible

20 I’m quite shy, and have never made friends easily.

21 I’ve always wanted to be fearless – I’m not and probably never will be, but I realized some time ago that I am brave.

22 I love watching the Travel Channel.

23 Few things in life are better than a sugar free vanilla latte and a good book.

24 I’ve always wanted to learn to sail.

25 In my next life, lots of babies


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