No Longer Being Negative About Negativity

Stop pathologizing your negativity, stop assigning it a lower status, stop keeping it in the dark. Go to it, open its doors and windows, take it by the hand. Meet its gaze. Feel its woundedness, feel into it, feel for it, feel it without any buffers.

Soon you will start to sense that its gaze is none other than your own, perhaps from an earlier time, but yours nonetheless, containing so much of you. Humanize it fully. Keep something in the dark long enough and it will very likely behave badly.

Turn on the lights, slowly but steadily. Your simple presence is enough. Let your heart soften more. Breathe more fully, bringing what you call your negativity closer to you, opening at a fitting pace. No rush. Let it shift, however slowly, from a distant foreign object to a reclaimed part of your being. Let its blinders and pain and longing break your heart, break it open.

Your ambition to transcend your negativity is now all but gone, as you realize right to your core that your real work is to reclaim and reembody it, bringing it into the circle of your being without robbing it of its energy and without taking on its viewpoint. You are now with yourself even more deeply, your initial aversion all but gone, now holding what you previously termed your negativity in the way that loving parents hold their distressed child, bringing it into your heart, feeling a rising desire and power to protect that little one. No negativity now.

No turning away. Just love, ease, recognition, presence, effortless wholeness. This is life in the raw, too real to be reduced to positive and negative, too alive to be shut down.
~ Robert Augustus Masters