We’re made of stardust.  No wonder.
No wonder we shine so brightly, and burn so fiercely.
No wonder we sometimes implode and yet in our very collapse,
a new beginning.
And no wonder too that we’re all so achingly familiar with distance –
the space between us.
But having once, just once, crossed the boundaries of our heart,
we circle endlessly in rapt belonging.

The first time I learned that we carried within us the very elements of the universe, my heart leapt with joy.  That I could be formed from something as timeless and romantic as stardust!  And that I need never look further than my own being to wish for all my heart’s desires… Others are troubled by the knowledge of our shared becoming as if it somehow refutes the existence of God and our lofty beginning.  But I believe more fervently than ever in a God who, in the very act of our creation, showed us that we are part of something larger, something more, something infinite and endless.  A part of all that ever was and ever will be, and that we carry within us the beauty and magic of the stars.